Reading Speed Visualizer

(Set to zero for default pause)

Increase duration of word by % per syllable after or more syllables.

% of default
Includes: a, an, as, at, if, it, in, the
(Set to 1 for default duration.)

Hello, LibriVox!
This is a little reading-speed visualizer I made for myself. When recording, I have a tendency to read a little too fast for what I opine to be optimal for listening comfort. Sometimes I consciously start at my slower-than-normal pace, but after a while I just speed up and then wonder why my tongue is tripping over words.
I made this tool to help me practice my speaking/reading speed. I tried to find a similar tool online, but all the "reading speed" searches only yielded websites that wanted to help you read faster. What's with the obsession about speed? Slow down and enjoy the ride.
Discussion post on the LibriVox forum.
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